[ Code Base ]

Cloud developer environments that spark joy.

Free your local machine from clutter, and never worry about configuring your desktop or laptop for a new project ever again. Enjoy cloud workspaces designed for developer happiness.

Accessible anywhere with your favorite IDE, or in-browser with Theia, Code Base is an easier, happier way to handle dev environments.

Super Simple Setup

Create a workspace from any docker file in seconds with a few clicks. Search Dockerhub or create your own.

One Click Templating

Clone any workspace that you have, including state, or make it into a stateful template for future workspaces.

Unique Workspace URLs

Access your running web apps with a unique URL for each workspace, complete with SSL and password protection.

Any Environment

Whatever your needs, if you can create a docker container for it then you can have it as a workspace. It's as simple as that.

Configurable Resources

Host multiple workspaces on one server with as many servers as you'd like. You choose how powerful each server is.

Persistent Workspaces

Every workspace is default persistent at no additional cost. It's up to you how workspaces share server resources.

Accessible Anywhere

Use any IDE you'd like to remotely connect from any computer. In future versions, edit in-browser with Theia.

Full Root Access

You'll have full control of your workspaces in the same way you would for your localhost or any server.

Committed to Developer Joy

The entire focus of Code Base is on developer happiness over all else, and it always will be.

Code Base is a work in progress and it's not quite done yet! If you'd like to be notified with updates as it gets closer to launch, enter your info below and you'll be put on an early access list.

Who's building Code Base?

Your friendly neighbourhood developer Carter Bryden. You can find me on twitter @carterbryden if you'd like.

I love developing in cloud workspaces, and I've used most of the providers out there. Unfortunately they keep shutting down, being acquired (and degraded), or are barely supported anymore.

I'm designing Code Base for developers like me. I want you to fall in love with your developer environments again. My focus will always be developer joy, because I use it every day too.